Sponged-On Unicorn Pee Manicure with Sephora and Nfu-Oh Nail Polish

Well this is a fun one with a weird title! I’ve seen quite a few posts on other nail blogs using a sponge technique when applying flakie polishes that give the nail an almost metallic look. Thinking back to Nfu-Oh 51– a unicorn pee flakie (pretty much the flakie version of Clarins 230 and all […]

March – April 2016 Empties: Hair, Make Up, and Non-Empty Empties?

I’m a little surprised at the amount of products I’ve used up in the last two months until I realized two of them were samples and two others weren’t even 100% empty. Oh well, c’est la ve. Or Sailor V. I’ll stop. And away we go! The Body Shop Tea Tree Skin Clearing Toner: Looks […]

Using Halloween Nail Polish Year-Round!

I like finding ways to use holiday-themed nail polishes outside of said holidays– it gets me to be a bit more creative in my nail polish selections and I’m able to use those special polishes more than once a year! This was one of those cases. This is a couple coats (three?) of China Glaze […]

Shooting stars on a night sky

Here’s a simple quickie Konad– this is a coat of China Glaze Mummy May I over black. On my ring finger accent nails I have some stars from Konad plate M3 stamped in Sally Hansen Insta-Dri Silver Sweep. Mummy May I is a great polish from China Glaze. Although, I’m not really a fan of […]

January – February 2016 Empties: Make-Up and Skin Stuff

It’s time once again to look at my trash! I didn’t use up too many products this month, but there’s quite a few on their last few uses so I’m sure March-April will be a big one. There were also a couple fail products this month. I haven’t had to toss a product because it […]

Earn Gift Certificates for Nail Polish with Swagbucks Birthday Bash Savings

Boy do is there great news for all of you Swaggernauts this weekend. I heard Swagbucks just announced that they are starting to prep for their 8th Birthday Bash. React accordingly. This is pretty big news. If you weren’t a Swaggernaut in years past, you might not remember that Swagbucks goes crazy with earning opportunities […]

Super Glittery Glitter Gradient Manicure

You know I love those glitter gradient manicures! And what better way to up the glitter quotient than by using a glittery base to layer more glitter on top of? Enter China Glaze Dorothy Who?, a crazy awesome glittery blue that I can’t believe I didn’t pick up until now. I started with that, then […]