Earn Gift Certificates for Nail Polish with Swagbucks: Labour Day Sale

Happy Labor Day! This weekend Swagbucks, an online rewards program that gives you cash back for completing online activities such a shopping online, is running a great Labor Day Sale on their site. You work hard all year, its time to treat yourself and put some cash back in your wallet while you’re at it. […]

Glowy Mermaid Nail Art (Yes, More Sponged-On Flakies!)

My goddaughter loves The Little Mermaid, so I wanted to keep in theme with her birthday gift (a cute Little Mermaid dress-up costume) and go matchy-matchy with my nails. This is two coats of Billie Mauve followed by two coats of NYX Purple Ave sponged on overtop. NYX Purple Ave is nowhere near as dense […]

May – June 2016 Empties: Face Stuff and Make Up

That’s right, it’s time once again to look at my trash! I kind of wish I went through this a day earlier since I’m missing garbage day right now, but luckily it’s not enough to fill my trash can. Next time will be a doozy. I can feel it… mostly because I have a lot […]

More Sponged-On Flakies with Color Club and Billie

I guess I’m on a roll with these sponged-on flakies manicures. They’re really easy and give a nice finish to the nail, so I’ve been doing them a lot lately. Of course, each time I do this technique, I’m reminded that I should invest in some of that liquid latex so I don’t have hard-to-remove […]

Sponged-On Unicorn Pee Manicure with Sephora and Nfu-Oh Nail Polish

Well this is a fun one with a weird title! I’ve seen quite a few posts on other nail blogs using a sponge technique when applying flakie polishes that give the nail an almost metallic look. Thinking back to Nfu-Oh 51– a unicorn pee flakie (pretty much the flakie version of Clarins 230 and all […]

March – April 2016 Empties: Hair, Make Up, and Non-Empty Empties?

I’m a little surprised at the amount of products I’ve used up in the last two months until I realized two of them were samples and two others weren’t even 100% empty. Oh well, c’est la ve. Or Sailor V. I’ll stop. And away we go! The Body Shop Tea Tree Skin Clearing Toner: Looks […]

Using Halloween Nail Polish Year-Round!

I like finding ways to use holiday-themed nail polishes outside of said holidays– it gets me to be a bit more creative in my nail polish selections and I’m able to use those special polishes more than once a year! This was one of those cases. This is a couple coats (three?) of China Glaze […]