Sunglasses Nails Manicure Fails?

Chrome or mirror powders are all the rage lately. The mirror ones really do nothing for me, but these sunglasses-inspired nails? Oh yes. Sadly, not my manicure! Those nail powders involve a lot of messy work. I don’t think I should be trusted to not spill powder everywhere. Plus I’m not about to dick around […]

Vintage Nail Polish! Canadian Dini Petty Revlon Street Wear Segment 1997

This one goes out to all my fellow vintage polish and vintage cosmetics enthusiasts. I was going through some VHS tapes and came across an episode of the Dini Petty Show (a Canadian daytime talk show) from 1997. I taped it because Corey Hart was the guest, but the full episode is on there. After […]

South Park Member Berries Nail Art Manicure

I’m really info the last couple seasons of South Park, on a recommendation from a pal of mine. This season, every time we talk it ends up devolving into Member Berries: So I had to commemorate it with a manicure. As one does. This South Park Member Berries nail art started with a couple coats […]

Goth Lisa Frank Zebra Nail Art

Goth Lisa Frank sounds so 90s, and I’m okay with that. I know I’ve done similar nail art to this before, but this time it’s over a black base so it’s totally different. I wore this over the summer (I’m a bit behind…) to my BFF’s youngest’s first birthday party. I bought her a stuffed […]

September – October 2016 Empties: Make-Up and More!

It’s that time yet again– time for me to throw this bag of garbage away. Here are beauty items I’ve used up in the last couple months. The Body Shop Tea Tree Skin Clearing Facial Wash: While I may not always wash my hair, at least I always wash my face. This is a holy […]

Halloween Galaxy Nail Art Manicure

I know I’ve been a bad nail blogger lately, but I’m here just under the wire with a Halloween manicure, so all is forgiven, right? Sure we’ll go with that! I’ve had this one in my head for a while. I love galaxy manicures and wanted to put a festive twist on it. I pulled […]

Earn Gift Certificates for Nail Polish with Swagbucks: Halloween Sale

Get in the Halloween spirit with Swagbucks! Stock up on Halloween candy and decorations, and get those costumes ready for the big day! Swagbucks, an online rewards program that gives you cash back for completing online activities such a shopping online, is running a great Halloween sale on their site now through the end of […]