Vintage Nail Polish! Canadian Dini Petty Revlon Street Wear Segment 1997


This one goes out to all my fellow vintage polish and vintage cosmetics enthusiasts.

I was going through some VHS tapes and came across an episode of the Dini Petty Show (a Canadian daytime talk show) from 1997. I taped it because Corey Hart was the guest, but the full episode is on there. After Corey Hart’s segment, Korby Banner, a Beauty Expert with Revlon, comes on to promote the Revlon Street Wear line.

Admittedly, I don’t know much about Street Wear, but I love 90s nail polish and cosmetics, and I know a lot of you out there do too, so I had to share.

Apologies for the video being a little out of sync. I’m new to this.

I love how the two-toned French manicure blew Dini’s mind. I wonder what she thinks of all the nail trends of the last 20 years.

And Dini… “Are there any women over 20 wearing green nails?”


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  1. Megan MacDonald

    Hi! I came across this clip as I am searching for this episode in full as I was one of the “teen street wear models” at 13 years old! If yu could point me in the direction of where I could find it in full, myself, friends and family would be overjoyed! !! Thanks k you in advance!


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