Sunglasses Nails Manicure Fails?


Chrome or mirror powders are all the rage lately. The mirror ones really do nothing for me, but these sunglasses-inspired nails? Oh yes.

Sadly, not my manicure!

Those nail powders involve a lot of messy work. I don’t think I should be trusted to not spill powder everywhere. Plus I’m not about to dick around with gel polish and curing lamps and special top coats and all that. Nah, I’m going to try to replicate this look with polishes I already have.

Spoiler: it did not work.


I did end up with cool nails still, though!


After testing out a few things, this was the closest I got to a sunglasses manicure.


Over a black base, I painted a stripe of Ozotic Pro 505 (a purple to teal shifting polish) on the outside sides of my nails. Down the middle, I added a stripe of Sally Hansen Nail Prisms Amber Ruby (shifting red to orange, but with flashes of green and yellow).

Yeah, not quite right.

Have you tried any of those powders? Any suggestions for sunglasses nails sans powders?

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