Black Holo Snowflake Holiday Nail Art

Happy HOLOdays. Am I rite? Anyway, I picked up a few new polishes recently and wanted to use one of them in a holiday manicure. Of course, I didn’t buy any holiday colours, but it’s holo and has all the colours, so that’s sorta something? A little disclaimer: I could not get that holo polish to photograph well. It’s so much more holo and sparkly in real life.

I used the sponge technique to apply the glitter, which means less coats of nail polish and way denser glitter coverage. On top of a peel off base coat (Unt– trying it out because I don’t want to chisel away at this later) I painted on a thin layer of F.U.N Lacquer Black Holo Witch. Once that was dry, I painted some Black Holo Witch on a makeup sponge and sponged that glitter on top. The makeup sponge absorbs the liquid part of the polish, leaving sticky glitter behind. This also dries super quick because, well, there’s barely any polish going on the nail.

Once that was finished, I added a couple coats of top coat. I’ve shied away from Seche Vite recently in favour of Nails Inc. Caviar Top Coat, but to smooth out glitter, Seche Vite is way more effective. On top of the Seche Vite I used Konad Special White stamping polish and Sally Hansen Insta Dri Silver Sweep to stamp on some snowflakes from the Konad M59 stamping plate. Top that with some more top coat, and there you have it!

And that Unt base coat? I might just leave it for swatching glitters. After 24 hours, I lost two nails. That sounds weird… my nails were still there, but the polish popped off. Worked a little too well.

What are some of your favourite holo glitter polishes? Are you wearing some on your nails for the holidays?

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