Halloween Galaxy Nail Art Manicure


I know I’ve been a bad nail blogger lately, but I’m here just under the wire with a Halloween manicure, so all is forgiven, right? Sure we’ll go with that!

I’ve had this one in my head for a while. I love galaxy manicures and wanted to put a festive twist on it. I pulled out all my orange nail polish and had at a Halloween pumpkin colour-inspired galaxy.

Over black polish, I sponged on some white (Sally Hansen Insta Dri White Pick It Fence). Over that, I sponged on Color Club I Always Get My Man-darin, which is one of their fruity-smelling polishes. Still smells like orange, but I used so little of it on my nails that you can’t smell it. The green shiny bits are from the Color Club polish– there’s a green iridescence to the polish that I forgot would pick up green against the black. Oops. We can pretend I meant to do that… the green represents the vine pumpkins grow on? Why not!


Phew, okay, keep up with me here. After that debacle, I sponged in some orange Mundo de Unas stamping polish because I don’t have a plain bright orange creme polish. Next up is some more sponging with Kleancolor Metallic Orange, and then blobbed on randomly is Girly Bits Hocus Pocus for some holographic oomph. Using a dotting tool, I went in with Sally Hansen Insta Dry White Pick It fence and added some stars.

There you have it! What are you wearing on your nails this Halloween?

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