Multi-Colour Nail Stamping Fun with Mundo de Unas


After seeing a bunch of awesome nail art tutorials on YouTube, I finally caved and bought some Mundo de Unas stamping polishes. And holy crap am I glad I did!

I bought the Confetti stamping set and rounded it out with a mini of Purple so it’s pretty much a set of rainbow.

I kept hearing and seeing how great these colourful polishes look stamped over black. I’ve been on the hunt for a red stamping polish that works with black and I’m happy to report that I finally found one!

One note about the polishes– they smell. When I first opened the box, it was like a weird chemically candy sweet smell. When the polishes go on… well, it’s not a candy smell anymore. Definitely a strong paint smell. But you know what? I can get over it because these polishes are amazing.

Anyway, onto my manicure…

I used the technique shown in Opal’s video above. Be sure to check out her channel– she has some really creative tutorials posted. Lots of water marbling, too, which sort of makes me feel like I should maybe attempt water marbling for real one of these days.


For this look, I started with a coat of black polish (Nails Inc. Black Taxi). I then dabbed all the Confetti polishes (minus Indigo, which I replaced with Purple) on Konad plate M64 and used Opal’s technique with the credit card. Aaaaand voila! It was really easy, the colours didn’t get everywhere, and it dried really fast. I was nervous about putting top coat on (HK Girl has been treating me better than Seche Vite, but usually even that will make stamping polishes run just a smidge if I apply it too soon), but there was no problems with it at all.

If you want to hoard them all of the Mundo de Unas polishes, visit Mundo de Unas online. They ship from Mexico and I think it took maybe a week to a week and a half (I was out of town when the package was delivered, so not sure what day exactly) for the package to arrive in Canada. That’s impressive.

Have you tried any Mundo de Unas polishes? What are your favourite colours?

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