Glowing Green Sticks n Stones Manicure with Nail Gear and Ninja Polish!


Like I’ve mentioned before, I’m a big Bonne Bell Nail Gear junkie. I only had one (Scandal) for the longest time. Recently-ish, an eBayer put up a ton of Nail Gear polishes so I bought like 30 of them. Yeah, I have a problem. I’m working on putting together a guide, but that’s a lot of swatching to do, so it’s been slow-going. As I’m swatching, I’m turning them into manicures when I have time. Here’s one of those times!


This is two or three coats of Nail Gear Shag, a glowing lime green colour. I was actually surprised at how glowy it was! I then dabbed on a coat of Ninja Polish/Cover Band Sticks n’ Stones. Something neat about the entire Nail Gear line– the smell. Okay, it doesn’t smell terrific, but after it dries, these polishes have a flowery scent. It’s not super strong and no one around you will smell it, but I catch a whiff of it every time my hand is near my face and it’s not so bad.

… that sounds so weird, haha! Nail Gear also made scented top coats, which the eBay seller in question has listed, but I haven’t delved that far into my madness to collect all of those yet. I’m holding off on it because I know having just one won’t do, haha!

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  1. What a great green! I’d love to get more Nail Gear in my stash–I think I have just one lonely bottle from that brand.


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