Born Pretty Nail Polish Flakie Review


One polish trend that I’ve actually loved is flakie (flaky?) polishes. I’m meh on crackle, those texture polishes give me the heebie-jeebies (sorry! And yes even the super glittery ones. I don’t want my nails to feel like an emery board, thanks) but flakies? GIVE THEM TO ME.

I received a package from Born Pretty Store and included in it was Dazzling Starry Magical Multicolored Shell Glitter Nail Art Polish Varnish in shade 1.

I wanted to show what the polish looked like over different polishes, so I swatched it over black, navy (Revlon Midnight Affair), purple (China Glaze Creative Fantasy), and lavender (Avon Lavender Luxe). I like how the polish looks different on each base, but you can still see the green-blue-orange-ness. My favourite is over Creative Fantasy! I love when a polish looks amazing over dark and light bases.

Have you purchased anything from Born Pretty Store? What’s on your list? You can get 10%-off all orders PLUS free shipping any time with my Born Pretty Store coupon code DML91 on all sorts of nail art supplies!

2 Responses to Born Pretty Nail Polish Flakie Review

  1. Pretty! Love the name too, haha.

    If you do try a textured polish give it a chance to sit. When I first painted mine it did feel rough like an emery board but by the next morning it was just a smooth bumpiness that I grew to like. (Mine is a glittery OPI)

  2. Wow, I also have one of their flakies, but your one is far nicer than the one I’ve got! Looks lovely! x

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