Kleancolor Nail Polish Swatches & Stamping!


Big post today for you guys! I got a few Kleancolor polishes from My Wholesale Fashion.


First up is KleanColor Nail Polish K165 Metallic Sapphire. I pretty much have the same review for the three metallic polishes I tried out. I was impressed with how opaque they were– they’re all two coats, but were opaque in one. I like to do an extra coat because sometimes those big photos like to highlight all the flaws, jeez. I also found that these Kleancolor polishes dry very quickly! SUPER impressed! Two downsides though: I found these polishes stain and they smell very strong. I can get over the smell, that’s not an issue for me, but the staining was kind of a bummer. Also something I can get over because I always have my nails painted, but just a warning!


This is KleanColor Nail Polish K160 Metallic Orange.


And this is KleanColor Nail Polish K162 Metallic Yellow.


The stamping abilities of these metallic polishes totally makes up for the staining, though! My stamper did get stained, so be warned, but I haven’t found it to be problematic. You usually have to be careful with stamping polishes because they will drag with topcoat, even when you think they’re dry. I applied topcoat over this almost immediately and there was NO dragging. That is amazing! And if you’re wondering, that’s the Kleancolor Metallic Sapphire over Sally Hansen Insta-Dri Brisk Blue and Vivid Lacquer nail plate VL 004.


The glitters I received were also great. This one is KleanColor Nail Polish K169 Grand Finale and it reminds me of those Revlon Street Wear polishes from the 90s. I absolutely love this polish! Silver holo bar glitter?! YES! I don’t have any bar glitter in my current collection, but I remember rocking it in the 90s! This is one coat over Kleancolor Metallic Sapphire.


Next up is KleanColor Nail Polish K195 Blind Date. This was also impressive– usually I find with chunky glitters like this, I have to “go fishing” to get the pieces of glitter that I want. Not the case here! This is two coats over Kleancolor Metallic Orange.


This might possibly be my favourite from the lot– KleanColor Nail Polish K191 Blue Eyed Girl. This is a blue jelly polish with large hex and small round glitters. This is two coats, which shows so much dimension! It’s like looking into a pond… a pond of glitter.

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If you’re interested in getting some good deals on Kleancolor, be sure to visit My Wholesale Fashion. They also carry Santee and Nabi polishes, as well as a ton of cute jewelery and accessories.

These products were provided for review by My Wholesale Fashion, all opinions are my own.

7 Responses to “Kleancolor Nail Polish Swatches & Stamping!”

  1. One thing I’ve noticed with the Kleancolor Metallics is that if you stamp on top of them with another color, they can tint that color. I have the gorgeous green, and if I stamp with silver it changes to gold (which I actually with the green color). I saw this one another blog too with a different Kleancolor ~ worth keeping in mind!

    • Lindsey R

      How strange! I guess they’re just freakishly pigmented? I haven’t tried stamping on them, just stamping with them, so thank you for the heads-up!

  2. i forget about blind date, i love that one. and yeah it is true about the metallics tinting your art and top polishes. i did metallic red base once and added white dots to it and when i top coated – pink dots! but they cant be beat for stamping!

    • Lindsey R

      I think I’m going to stick to using them for stamping, not stamping over! Although, that can create a neat effect!

  3. The staining is a bummer, but the finish on the blue and orange metallics is just so gorgeous! Totally love Blue Eyed Girl as well!


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