Girly Bits P.S. I Love You – Hot Shot


Girly Bits polishes are fantastic and Hot Shot from their P.S. I Love You collection is no exception! This is a hot pink holo that is opaque in two coats. The holo in this is strong, but not as strong as Twitterpated. Still super holo and very noticeable, though!


This is what I would consider a Barbie pink– not necessarily eyebleedingly neon pink, but still bright.


A little indoors action.


And here’s a shot (hah!) of what Hot Shot looks like when the light catches it just right and you can’t see any of the holo goodness. Ah, the perils of cloudy winter days! In somewhat related good news, my husband it putting one of those photo light boxes together for me, so hopefully that will help capture holo better on these nasty days!

You can purchase Girly Bits from the following e-tailers: Harlow & Co, Llarowe, Overall Beauty, Foxy Fingers, Femme Fatale Cosmetics, and Mei Mei’s Signatures. The Girly Bits store also has a limited quantity.

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