Sally Hansen Vintage Hard as Nails Glitter/Diabetes Awareness mani!

Vintage Sally Hansen for Diabetes Awareness Day? Sounds like a good match to me!:) To raise awareness of Diabetes, the nail polish community is posting blue manicures today. You can read more about World Diabetes Day by clicking here.

Thanks to Jacqui over at The Scholarly Nail, I became obsessed with some gorgeous blue vintage Sally Hansen Hard as Nails glitters when she posted pics of her vintage stash. I so needed Magnet and Dimension in my life! Jacqui was awesome enough to let me know when an eBay seller popped up, so I scooped up both those polishes. And today I present Dimension!

PSA: Excuse my beat-up cuticles. These photos were taken in the middle of Hallowe’en Nail Art Madness. They’ve seen better days.

This is two coats over a royal blue (Sephora My Favorite Jeans). I originally tried building the colour by itself, but after five coats there was still visible nail line. Oh, and it would NOT dry. AT ALL. Even running my hands under cold water and putting Seche Vite on (after waiting a couple hours) this stuff was not setting up. I waited between coats, and still. Nothing. Even with two coats and a couple hours, this stuff would not set. I’m not sure if it’s because it’s an older polish or what. This polish hated me, haha! BUT I LOVE THIS POLISH. So I’ve forgiven it.

Do you have any of these older Sally Hansen polishes? I’m really getting into vintage polish (moreso than usual). Seriously, give me good indie polish (not just glitter dumped in a suspension base) and/or vintage polish and you have my heart. Yeah, it really doesn’t take much!

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