Quickie Konad: Sephora Moody Woman!

Another quickie for you guys– this is two coats of Sephora Collection Moody Woman, an awesome blue green metallic duochrome, stamped with Konad plate M64 and Konad Special Black polish.

This is my first time using the M64 plate and I really like this design. Kind of reminds me of those henna tattoos. What do you think?

One Response to “Quickie Konad: Sephora Moody Woman!”

  1. Ooh, Lindsey, this is so beautiful!! I love the effect of the duo under the crisp, black lines. Really a great stamp pattern too, and I like how you used a slightly different spot from it on each nail so that is looks more like freehand. Totally putting this plate on my list. 😉


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