Priti NYC Nail Polish & Speed Dry Top Coat Review!

Today’s manicure is simple, but the colour is gorgeous! If you’ve been around for a bit (or not) you may have noticed that I’m strongly attracted to blue nail polish. I basically find the least work-friendly colours and wear the heck out of them. Although, with nail trends blowing up, colourful nail polish isn’t all that taboo anymore.

This beauty is Priti NYC Canterbury Bells from their collection Fiesta Mexicana Resort 2012. The colour is bright and gets your nails noticed! This is two coats, but I noticed it was completely opaque in one coat. I’m just so used to two! It dried relatively fast (not as fast as a Sally Hansen Insta-Dri, but quicker than an OPI) and has a lovely creme finish.

I also had the chance to try out the Priti NYC Speed Dry Top Coat, which claims to be “super quick drying”. I think most nail polish fanatics are always on the hunt for the next best top coat. Seche Vite seems to be a big favourite for a lot of people (including me), but the tip shrinkage is brutal. While the Priti NYC top coat didn’t dry as quickly as Seche Vite, it did dry a lot faster than any other top coats I’ve used (OPI, China Glaze, Nailene… I’m sure there’s more) and seems to stand up to chips really well. And best of all? NO SHRINKAGE! YAY!

These nail polishes are available online from Priti NYC. Have you tried any Priti NYC polishes? What did you think?

Priti NYC sent these polishes over for review purposes. All opinions here are my own.

3 Responses to “Priti NYC Nail Polish & Speed Dry Top Coat Review!”

  1. What did I think of these polishes? They’re the best I’ve ever had! Dry so fast and I need only one coat to see the beautiful color! I wanted to try this top though as I’m looking for a really good one now but if it doesn’t dry as fast as SV, then I’ll try SV..
    take care:)

    • Lindsey R

      Definitely try their top coat, though– the non-shrinkage is totally worth it! It does dry fast, but I don’t think anything will ever beat SV! Thanks for sharing! I so need to get more of their polishes!


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