A Tale of Inglot and a (Potentially) Rabid Squirrel

For today’s manicure I have some Inglot action going on! A friend of mine was in NY and picked this beauty up for me– it’s Inglot 851. It looks black with bronze shimmer in the bottle, but on the nail it’s more of a bronze-y olive. Still really dark and really gorgeous! And REALLY shimmery. Really really.

This is three coats of Inglot 851. Two probably would have been enough, but I always do an extra coat because those pesky macro shots always show my nail line, which drives me crazy because you can’t see it in real life, but three coats is solid.

While I was in my backyard taking these photos, I heard a little clicky squirrel noise. I was standing close to the fence, looked up and there he was staring at me. I expected the squirrel to run away, but he stayed there, staring. I decided I had enough photos, based on the fact that this squirrel was rabid and out to get me. As I walked back to the house, he followed me, jumping up and perching on my back deck. I scooted inside and banged on the door a little to try to scare him off, but that didn’t work. He just kept running and jumping back and forth on the deck’s railing. I tried getting photos of this, but my back door kept fogging up.

I’d open the door to snap a couple photos, he’d notice immediately and start making his way back toward me. Maybe this squirrel is just a camera whore? Cute little guy, at any rate!

3 Responses to “A Tale of Inglot and a (Potentially) Rabid Squirrel”

  1. LOL.. The squirrel bit is funny. A camera loving animal? Hahaha…

    Oh and wow. That’s a beautiful polish. Very fitting for this fall weather.

  2. I’m guessing that squirrel learned from one of your neighbors that people are food sources–we used to have one that would come into our yard, up the back steps, and peer in the patio window into the kitchen. When that didn’t get any response, he’d climb up the screen, the better to see where we were and why we were not coming out with food for him. 🙂

    • Lindsey R

      That’s too funny! My husband said he had a run-in with the squirrel today when he came home for lunch, but he managed to scare it off. It came up pretty close to him, too!


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