Clarins 230 – unicorn pee dupe talk

Ah yes, the infamous Clarins 230– that expensive and elusive unicorn pee. Clarins 230 is a unique colour-shifting polish that hits every colour of the rainbow. But, like I said, it can get expensive. You may end up finding one cheaper in a blog sale like I did, or maybe you’ll get lucky and find someone who wants to swap it. But in all likeliness, you’re slapping down some major cash (considering it’s just a bottle of polish) on this baby. And that ain’t right. So let’s get some photos out of the way first so we can talk about dupes!

On all but my ring fingers, I have three coats of Finger Paints Be a Pal-ette and one coat of Clarins 230. I find that a dark purple really brings out the different colours of 230, but others like using a royal blue (Revlon Royal, in fact!) as well.

On my ring finger is one coat of Nfu-Oh 51 over three coats of Finger Paints Be a Pal-ette. Nfu-Oh 51 has the same type of colour-shifting pigment as Clarins 230, except this is a flakie. And it’s much cheaper– you can get your hands on a bottle of it for $12.50 from Fabulous Street

Here’s a side-by-side with the bottles. Look at those rainbows!

Other dupes that have come out include:
Liquid Euphoria – Bliss (good luck finding this one!)
Urban Decay – Toxin (again… good luck!)
OPI – Movin’ Out
Beyu – 209 (there’s a good and a dud version of this, so be careful when tracking this one down!)
Milani – Totally Cool (this seems like a weaker version of Clarins 230, but along the same idea. Not sure on in-store availability, but I see it’s in stock over at Cherry Culture.)
KleanColor – 230 Chunky Holo Fuschia (love that it’s numbered 230! This is like Clarins 230 in a chunky glitter form)

If you’re into frankening, there is a Franken Clarins 230 recipe, but that involves another hard-to-find polish– Maybelline Colorama #40 Frosty Pink. And you can’t just skip out on Frosty Pink, because that’s the key ingredient that gives the franken its colour-shifting properties.

There is some good news, though! There are two Clarins 230 dupes available at an affordable price!

Max Factor – Fantasy Fire (check out this post over on Cute-tickle nails for some awesome swatches!) – available in the U.K., not so sure about here in Canada or in the U.S.
Girly Bits – Shift Happens (Pam will have these available in February!) The polish will be available here and at Llarowe

With the Max Factor polish coming out especially, I’m wondering if we could see a resurgence in these sorts of magical Unicorn Pee-type colours. We had crackle polish last year, flakie polish this year (and it looks like magnetic polishes again this year), wouldn’t it be great if polish companies got it together to release unicorn pee as the newest trend? Oooh dear wallet… you’re in for a beating. I don’t care about dupes, I’ll buy them all!

Do you have any other dupes? Know where I can get Max Factor Fantasy Fire in Canada? Have a Clarins 230 recipe of your own? Leave me some Clarins 230 love in the comments– I’m so in love with this polish and love talking about it… clearly, haha!

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  1. Amanda Faulkner

    I’d love if these sorts or fiery opalescent polishes were on trend this year. The more companies that make them, the more I’ll happily buy.
    Not sure where to get the Max Factor Fantasy Fire here in Canada but I’m on the hunt too.

  2. I agree, it would be great if these sorts of polishes had a resurgence. As far as I’ve heard, Fantasy Fire is not in the U.S.–the only Max Factor polish I’ve seen for sale in years is old stuff at Dollar Tree.

  3. Great post, and comparisons. So many versions of the ‘same thing’
    I am with you on getting them all. In fact, I have Max Factor Fantasy Fire on it’s way to me right now, in a swap. Which seems silly, considering I have about 2 liters of Shift Happens sitting in front of me. 😀
    Always a collector. ♥
    Thanks for the mention xo

  4. I actually buckled and bought the unicorn pee on eBay for about 60$ but it was so worth it and I’ve only used it twice because I don’t wanna waste it, lol but I’m trying to get fantasy fire too from a friend, I’m with you I can never have enough!

  5. Oh wee, I have to whip out my Chunky Holo Fuschia. I haven’t used it yet, and I didn’t know it bears a resemblance to this. Now I’m eager to use it.

    These look amazing! The Nfu Oh, Looks great too.

  6. Hi Lyndsey. I have max factor fantasy fire up for sale. Also if you’re still looking for the nfu oh’s and aqua base, I also have those. FF is so pretty, I just had to get a few for international nail lacquer heads to join in the craze 😉 email me

    • Lindsey R

      I just picked up Fantasy Fire in a blog sale last week, so I’m good on that! Thanks for the offer, though!

  7. chris

    Why did Clarins discontinue 230 anyway, since it’s so popular? I never understand that-what, do companies just intentionally love to drive their customers crazy, lol. Because usually what I see happen in situations like this is that even if a person finds the most dead on dupe in the world, or even a dupe that’s prettier, it’s still not ‘the same’. It can look identical or better, but that person still won’t be totally satisfied until they have the real deal. I have not seen 230 in person, but would like to-is it really THAT amazing, or is it one of those things where it’s amazing only because it’s rare? Also, what does it look like on it’s own? Every time I see pics of it, it’s over top of another color it seems.

    • Lindsey R

      I think it may have been discontinued because the colour-changing pigment was hard to come by. That’s just my guess though… or they like to drive us crazy, haha! Clarins 230 on its own isn’t really that spectacular. It’s very sheer, so you’d probably need a good 7 or so coats to get it opaque. It does pop over a dark blue or purple base. With all the indie polish companies making dupes though, you’re better off getting one from them than investing in the Clarins. Unfortunately there weren’t other options when I shelled out the stupid about of cash for Clarins. Dang.


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