Glitter Monster manicure!

I’m dreading taking this one off, not because I like it so much (and I do), but because removing glitter is the worst!

This is just a quick manicure for today consisting of two coats of China Glaze Mummy May I from their Hallowe’en collection last year, followed by one coat of my favourite Deborah Lippman Happy Birthday Dupe—Claire’s Bedazzled.

The purple glitter and dark purple base in Mummy May I give it a more rainbow effect and looks fresher than my default “put any colour/glitter/whatever over black” that I normally use.

Hope you enjoy it! What are your favourite ways to use rainbow glitter?

5 Responses to “Glitter Monster manicure!”

  1. I love this… ever since I saw your comparisons on these glitters, I have been wanting Claires Bedazzled of course NO LUCK!!

  2. I love multi glitters like this over a blue shimmer; OPI Yoga-ta Get This Blue is my favorite base for DL Happy Birthday.

  3. Looks so pretty glitter over black is the best, I know what you mean about dreading to take it off I find that putting cuticle oil before I take it off helps plus it makes it less drying on your skin.


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